5 Artists | 1 VR Portfolio @ The London Art Fair

As part of our stand curation at the London Art Fair 2018 we will be showcasing a portfolio of exhibiting artists in virtual reality. Set within Anise Gallery’s aspirational gallery space the virtual catalogue offers an intimate, hyper-real viewing experience. Hear the hum and see the flicker of Rachel Ara’s neon, traverse the layers of Ian Chamberlain’s etchings and be witness to Jacek Ludwig Scarso’s miniature figures coming to life – whatever memories you take from the experience we hope that they enhance your appreciation and understanding of the work on display.


The London Art Fair
Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street N1 0QH



Tues – Thurs 5pm – 9pm | Friday 3pm – 5pm | Sat and Sun 12pm – 2pm


With massive thanks to A-VR for creating this virtual reality experience for us.