Install 4JJ

Alex Evans’ work is a collection of intricately hand drawn cities composed of geometric shapes and complex patterns which manipulate established traditions of mathematical space. They depict hybrid architectural biological systems and networks of the imagined city deploying an illusory sense of scale and an unreal interplay between dimensions.

Researching both realised and theoretical propositions within architecture and urban planning practice, from Ebenezer Howard’s Garden City Movement to the Italian Futurist renderings of Antonio Sant ‘Elia, his work explores a confluence of ideas between historically imagined future cities and ancient geometric reason and mathematic principle.

“The cities I imagine and bring to life in drawing exist neither in the past nor the future. They are not solutions to an urban problem and are certainly not liveable places. In the act of my drawing there is an inherent need to describe a better place, to engender a pen on paper Utopia, but within the meticulous order there may be an unwitting dystopian fantasy where the excesses of the city push against the mathematics of nature beyond human scale.”

Originally having trained in Drama at The University of Hull and in Theatre at Wimbledon School of Art, Alex has since turned his focus to his undisputed talent as an artist, living and working in London. His drawings have been exhibited nationally in galleries including Orso Major Art, MK Gallery, Buy Art Fair and CueB Gallery.  His international projects include multi-disciplinary collaborations and residencies in Finland, Japan and the Maldives.