Ian Chamberlain

Bristol based artist Ian Chamberlain’s work takes its influence from man-made technological forms of industrial structures. Once considered to be at the forefront of technology, many of the technologies Ian studies are now defunct or reconfigured for different uses.

Using the traditional print process of etching (intaglio) Ian begins his own enquiry into the subject’s structure, location and the effects of time passing. It becomes his own visual experience and a graphic equivalent to an observed moment in time.

The structures are shown devoid of human presence, architectural scale becomes ambiguous in Ian’s images. Physical measurement no longer possible it is up to the viewer to place the structures within a setting.

“My prints are not just an architectural study, they are evidence of me seeing and responding to a subject in a meaningful way. This is what etching allows me to do – to investigate place through an organic evolution of recording and insights into location through the interlinking processed of drawing and printmaking.

Ian’s work is held in several notable collections including the Ashmolean Museum, The Tate and The V&A. He was shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2017 and made the final selection for the Aesthetica Art Prize in 2016. He has exhibited extensively within the UK  as well as in  Hong Kong, New York, Barcelona and Berlin.

Read our interview with Ian here for further insights into his work and practice.