Inside Out

The hoarding that will draw visitors into the space relates to the chapel in an interesting way. It is suggestive of a folly, brought from the old gardens of England into its urban centre. What was it about the chapel frontage that drew you to replicating it in this way?

Today, the chapel façade is incongruous with its industrial surroundings of Malham Road, hinting at another period in time.  Creating a translucent copy, implies a new volume, hinting at what might be while creating a support for projections, graphics and plants. The new hoarding is intended to create an outside room, an unexpected space in an old context that did not exist before. The façade will blend the external and internal, as well as the relationship between public and private.

Image Right: Pavillion London

Your proposal is built around a long table, extending inside and out, invoking a sort of al fresco dining experience. What first inspired you to deploy this in your design?

Gathering around a table is not just about eating, it is a way of engaging with people. A dining table brings images of feasts, celebrations and domestic ritual. Bringing this idea to the workplace creates a familiar forum for collaborative working and social interaction. The table in our proposal blurs the distinction between the domestic and workplace, the interior and exterior, the individual and the collaborative group.

Image Left: Bootle Santander, Liverpool

Inspired by their initial site visit during ‘Crepuscolo’, an exhibition by Matteo Zamagni, the team at Jack Carter Architects have submitted a proposal that hopes to capture an atmosphere of “friends, gathered together around a common table, sharing ideas and telling stories.”

Transforming the courtyard into a space reminiscent of an al fresco dining experience, their long table motif continues inside the main space, emphasising an ethos of collaborative working and creating that space that they believe will act as “a catalyst for positive change in Forest Hill and a benchmark for meanwhile use in London.”