Matteo Zamagni


Matteo Zamagni is an Italian born, new media artist based in London. He uses technology as a tool to create immersive and interactive videos, installations and performances. His research stands between spirituality, art and science to create works that explore themes of consciousness, the body as perceptive interface, the expansive impact of mankind on the ecosystem as well as the recursive relation of natural phenomenon spanning across the observable world.

His work has been presented in exhibitions internationally including the Times Square Midnight Moment, New York, 2017; Moving Image Art Fair, New York, 2017; Gazelli Art House, London, 2016; Barbican Centre, London, 2015; and the Lumen Prize, various cities, 2016-17.

Following our recent partnership with the Arte Laguna Prize we are delighted to be working with Matteo on a forthcoming exhibition featuring his winnined video ‘Horror Vacui’

We selected the film as our winner primarily because we loved it, we were immediately struck by the imagery, concept and execution. The work encapsulates so many aspects of the gallery ethos, first and foremost ‘Horror Vacui’ addresses the act of perception and of ‘reality’. By opposing CGI with found footage the video blurs the distinction between reality and a digital recreation of it.

Matteo approaches the references to hyper-development and the unfolding global crisis with a captivating skill and attention to detail mixed with an impressive understanding of the medium. A dark, fractured sense of foreboding is perfectly matched with the music creating a powerful impression of the viewer.

Details of our forthcoming collaboration will be announced soon.