Having first spotted the spectacular drawings of Minho Kwon at the Royal College of Art end of year show in 2013, we immediately offered him the opportunity to participate in our joint graduate show of that year and went on to have his first solo exhibition within the UK with us in 2014.  His exquisitely skilful and imaginative large scale drawings have recently been nominated for the 2013 Jerwood Drawing Prize and the V&A Illustration Awards.

Minho’s work can be seen as a result of a combination of factors; the regimented structure that surrounded him whilst growing up in Seoul, his exposure to architecture from an early age and his interest in the economic history of Korea. The result is all encompassing, intricate to the point of resembling an architect’s blueprint, beautiful drawings that also have a powerful narrative behind them. “These architectural elements are more than the means to an end; they are capable of acting as a metaphor, thereby revealing the imaginative scope of the work as a whole” (Minho Kwon)

Minho’s new work expands on his fascination with the ever encroaching western influence on Korean culture and economical development. Everyday buildings become his subject matter, as opposed to the immense mythical structures that his degree work focussed on. His exquisite imagination brings the history and people of these buildings to life. Entire stories are recollected as the organic meets the mechanic and the nuts and bolts of our existence are literally revealed. Minho’s desire to communicate his beliefs through visual art has evolved and his new work embodies this deeper than ever before.