AVR London Photography hosted an open call, inviting creatives to turn their living space into a camera obscura, documenting their experience in a visual form. Stemming from the idea to explore the possibility to transform the spaces people currently live and work in.

Before restrictions were slowly being eased, some had not left their homes for months. The regulations placed upon us as we face the threat of Coronavirus have left many experiencing feelings of disempowerment, claustrophobia and instilled a fear of the outside. We therefore sought a way to explore our capacity to transform our homes, investigating the relationship between the
outside and inside that has become so strained in recent months.

To further investigate each individuals feelings, thought- and creative- process, we invited our participants to accompany their visual medium with a descriptive recording in any form, expressing their sense of being throughout the last few months in relation to the camera obscura.

Transforming my bedroom into a camera obscura is comparable to creating a cinematic experience presenting an upside-down unedited cut of the Outside Inside. The magical dark chamber has been a place to escape into, where I can be found eagerly searching the walls and other surfaces for the storyline – Joanna Furniss

The virtual exhibition hosted by Anise Gallery showcases the work of creatives who responded to our brief, each driven by their own interpretation and experiences, captured in different visual modes. The exhibition is part of the London Festival of Architecture 2020, the digital edition.

Should you feel inspired and are wanting to transform your own space into a camera obscura, you can find our original open call below, which includes resources that allow you to make your own camera obscura. Please feel free to share any results with us by sending them to

No matter where we live, the restrictions placed upon us as we faced the threat of Coronavirus made many of us feel claustrophobic and disempowered. Without freedom of movement, the constant stream of government warnings and public health stats instilled a fear of the outside. Some of us had not left our homes for months.

For LFA Digital, Anise Gallery will host a virtual exhibition exploring our capacity to transform the spaces in which we live and work, investigating the relationship between outside and inside that has become so strained in recent months.

This project, organised and curated by  AVR London’s photography team will invite artists and architects, writers and photographers, to bring the outside in through the use of a homemade camera obscura. The results will be displayed digitally in a virtual gallery and will include resources that allow others to try it for themselves at home, encouraging responses that may later become a physical exhibition.

AVR London Photography would like to invite you to create a camera obscura in your own space, documenting the experience in a visual form. If possible we are also looking for audio recordings describing your thoughts at this time.

The submission can be in the form of a photograph, video, 360 degree image etc sent via WeTransfer to Along with the visual we would also like to invite you to take an audio recording in your native language telling us about your experience during these last few months (if this is not in English could you also submit a transcript in English) and a few details about yourself (Name, profession, country you are currently in).

Submission deadline close of play 5th June