Common Container

FRI 9 JUNE – SUN 12 JUNE 2023


FRIDAY 9th JUNE 5:30pm – 9pM   |   SATURDAY 10th JUNE 2:30pm – 6pm    |   SUNDAY 11th JUNE 11am – 4pm

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London’s green spaces; havens within the city, areas for growth and enjoyment of all things big and small, places we all have in common.

As part of the London Festival of Architecture and using their theme of Common, ‘Common Container’ will use the latest VR headsets to bring visitors closer to the life that lies within our green spaces. Finding themselves as tiny as an insect they will experience a new and unseen vantage point – should they look up however human life will be carrying on as usual and the buildings of the City will form that ever familiar back drop.

Collaborating with our friends at AVR London the exhibition will fuse architecture, technology and nature into a fully immersive art form to be enjoyed by everyone.  Based at The Old Chapel in Forest Hill the ‘real’ space will play as important a part as the ‘virtual’ – especially with our Shipping Container Challenge – an open call competition to propose ideas to transform our resident shipping container which is the start and end point of the journey.

The VR experience itself will last approx 5 mins and will be on timed bookable slots every half an hour so that we can ensure no one is waiting too long. Please feel free to turn up anytime within that half hour slot. Whilst waiting our outdoor ‘yarden’ will provide a relaxed and enjoyable space to make friends and have conversations whilst enjoying a drink and will be open throughout whether you have booked a VR slot of not.

Booking a VR slot is FREE, all we ask is that if you can no longer make your booking you PLEASE cancel it or contact us to let us know.