Evening Viewing
Thursday 22 September
6pm – 8:30pm

Anise Gallery and AVR London are delighted to present Zurich-based artist Scarlet Mueller’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, following her appearance in our Summer Graduate Show in 2015 where she exhibited her outstanding hand printed woodcuts. Since the show she has continued her practice in Zurich developing her ideas to produce a new body of work. One piece in particular, ‘I Saw it Whole’, will become the highlight of the show as real-time artists from AVR London invite the viewer to explore Scarlet’s work deeper than ever before through virtual reality.
The first element of achieving this was the expansion of Scarlet’s two-dimensional work into the three-dimensional realm, before translating it into virtual reality. Given the historical value of the woodcutting process, transforming Scarlet’s work through virtual reality presents it afresh and showcases the real-time artists’ interpretation. All the while the authenticity and authorship of the work is preserved and celebrated.
Now that virtual reality is becoming more commonplace in various industries, Anise Gallery are exploring how this might function in the art gallery space. Following our exhibition ‘Virtualrealism’ in June 2015, ‘I Saw it Whole: A Virtual Deconstruction’ takes these ideas further and, for the first time, allows the viewer to enter the artwork and fully comprehend the process of this intriguing medium.
By incorporating virtual reality, we are challenging the traditional binary of different media, in the hope of merging technological and fine art, while providing an exciting opportunity to get close to Scarlet Mueller’s intricate woodcut prints.
Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unreal. Using the latest technolgies, AVR London have used artwork from our current exhibition to create a virtual environment; walk through the picture, discover your path and lose yourself in the creativity of Scarlet Mueller’s beautifully delicate woodcuts.