We are delighted to be exhibiting at The British Art Fair 2023 in their Solo Contemporary section.

Ian Chamberlain (b.1976) is a British printmaker based in Bristol specialising in etchings and charcoal works on paper that take influence from manmade historic structures. Chamberlain’s work reinterprets manmade structures as monuments in the landscape, acting as architectural metaphors of past and current technological achievements.

The work exhibited focuses on sites with technological historical significance such as the Maunsell Sea Forts in Northfleet and the Sound Mirrors in Kent. These subjects have either been reconfigured for different uses, or more often simply left to fall apart and blend into their surrounding landscapes. By documenting these structures, Chamberlain creates a form of graphic historical record, particularly given that many of these structures are falling apart year by year. His work captures these structures in a state of transience and immortalises these magnificent remnants of the past.’