MATERIALISM AND MACH | a David Mach Solo Show

Opening Night: Thursday 13th June 6-9pm

Exhibition runs until 6th July (opening times vary)

One of three larger than life figures from Golgotha will make its London debut during Materialism and Mach, a solo show by Royal Academician David Mach at Anise Gallery this June. The title of this sculpture, “The Thief”, symbolises how you can take the unassuming and with a bit of daring, create something extraordinary.

The 9ft figure is constructed with coat hangers, crucified, stretched, seemingly in agony, casting its shadow over the exhibition. Imposing and daring, the sculpture emanates a strong sense of pain and suffering, which conflicts with its aesthetic beauty. Originally showcased alongside the other two ‘thieves’ to make the ‘Golgotha’ sculpture, this figure has gone rogue to be exhibited independently.

Alongside “The Thief”, a selection of large-scale collages will be on show giving the viewer a more rounded insight into the art practice of Mach, known internationally for his playful, complex work and installations using everyday objects, from cars to magazines; planes to shoes; coat hangers to shipping containers.

For something a little different, take a seat inside a ‘real life’ vehicle parked inside the gallery for a virtual reality reconstruction of Mach’s The Destruction of Jericho. The 3D panoptic view of the work will guarantee an entirely new perspective on the art work!

Always looking for new challenges, new ways to disperse information and push the limits of what is possible to break preconceived viewpoints, David Mach is a true maverick. His art wants to shake, inspire and act as a catalyst to see the world in a new way.