As the RIBAJ Eye Line drawing competition reaches its 5th year, we are delighted to be collaborating once again with them and AVR London promoting and exhibiting the winning images.

Eye Line encourages architects to draw on their artistic talents, delving into their imaginations to create either realistic or more abstract architectural worlds. The emphasis is on drawing rather than the projects themselves, celebrating the medium in its pure form. Architects and designers are invited to work in any medium, from keyboard to collage provided that the format is 2D.

It is a fantastic way for students and professionals alike to display their creative skills while gaining recognition from a wider audience.

The winning entries, published in the RIBAJ August issue, will be displayed in the gallery from 12th September. On Saturday 16th September, for the last day of the exhibition, we will also be opening our doors for Open House London.

This year’s winner was Matthew Kernan from Queen’s University Belfast – read more here