Exhibition Dates 2 August – 11 August

Private view 1 August 6pm – 9pm

Somewhere In Between is a collected exploration of the grey area between two polar opposites or contrasting extremes. The work explores what it means to be neither one thing or the other but a hybrid creation – where nothing is a certainty.


Laura Ansell

Laura Ansell draws on the biological, echoing our own cellular building blocks, suspended in a blank environment and cut away from the core of their context.

Wayne Keown

Wayne Keown offers us a glimpse into a fractured mind, through broken memories, derelict institutes and the threat of imminent peril.

Kat Hayes

Kat Hayes focuses on the appearance of the grid in the built environment and the human insistence on controlling the uncontrollable.

Emily Watkins

Emily Watkins employs naturally occurring hermaphrodites to question patriarchal religious figureheads within western culture and the traditional absence of the feminine.

Oscar Parasiego

Oscar Parasiego explores the truthfulness of photography and the inability of it to capture the complexity of human self-reflection.

Emma Jane Whitton

Emma Jane Whitton examines our relationships with the rise and fall of our built environment and the ideologies that brought them into creation