Exhibition Dates: 12 August – 29 August 2015

Private View 12 August 6pm – 9pm

Anise Gallery’s Annual Summer Graduate show is proving to be a reliable resource for highlighting top artistic talent from the London Art Schools. In 2013 the intricate drawings of Minho Kwon set the scene for the first show since which he went on to be nominated for the Jerwood Drawing Prize and the V&A Illustration Award. Minho has now had two solo shows in London confirming his place within the art scene. In 2014 the gallery selected works by Felicity Hammond and Alida Sayer.  Since exhibiting, Felicity was shortlisted for Saatchi’s New Sensations in 2014 and the Catlin Art Prize in 2015. Alida announced in 2015 that she was selected to be the first artist in residence with ‘Interviews’, a new artist run studio space and residency in South Korea and last month she was selected as an Associate Maker with the visual arts organisation Firstsite.

 Needless to say our forthcoming 2015 show incorporating video art, installation, photography, etching and woodcuts promises to deliver a selection of London’s most exciting future artists straight to you.

 Yucheng Ji’s exquisite etchings with their beautifully sublime underlying humour deconstruct history and its artefacts. Returning to the traditions of printmaking, and referencing the engravings from 19th Century novels, notions of the whimsical enter the scenes via Yucheng’s fantastical modern day additions. Yucheng has been awarded the Atelier Ji Project Residency Prize and the Merlin Entertainments Group Annual Prize.

 Silje Lovise Gjertsen’s project ‘A Black Hole in the Ocean’ references an outer space, a space we cannot see or touch. The experimental techniques used in the darkroom links directly with the fractions of enclosed landscapes that form the subject matter to magically capture an emotion rather than a space. Silje has twice been awarded the Metro Imaging award alongside the Worshipful company of Painters and Stainers award and the European Photography Prize.

 Scarlet Muller’s woodcut series ‘Second Space’ similarly looks to inner spaces, to articulating an analogy between interiority and the self. With reference to the familiar removed, geometrical forms layer themselves up to create new space, architectural constructions encounter deliberate gesture, together they build a new order and balance.

 Alis Oldfield’s video ‘Planet Phantastic’ tells the story of a parallel universe that serves as an escapist antidote to our current cultural climate. In this universe our earth is duplicated almost identically but with one stark difference, the majority of the population decide naturally not to have children. Alis was awarded the Royal College of Art Travel Awards 2014 and published ‘Exit Strategies’ with Black Dog Publishing earlier this year.

Susana Díaz Pérez’s striking installation, ‘Artificially White’, is inspired by the artist’s fascination with organic, inorganic and displaced environments. Having lived around the world, Susana’s own experiences adapting to new cultures and landscapes has evidently manifested in her work. ‘Artifically White’ investigates the challenges of replicating the natural world using manmade materials, and is driven by the possibilities of beauty between the natural and the unnatural.