Now in its fifth year, Anise Gallery’s Summer Graduate Show has gained a reputation for highlighting the best emerging talent from London’s art schools. Embracing its ethos for connecting architecture and art, the gallery finds new ways of exploring this relationship through new fine art practices. In 2017 we are delighted to present artists from Central Saint Martins, Goldsmiths, Royal College of Art and Royal Academy Schools.

Linking the five artists is a passion for the architectural, and this year we are excited to present a ‘site-specific’ element which unites the artists. Christofer and Daniel will be re-configuring and producing new artworks respectively, while Jessy’s VR work is only able to be watched via a custom chair. Agathe’s manipulated photography combines real and fictional landscapes in global cities and Nemo looks at the digital world as a new kind of ‘space’.

Agathe Reille studied MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. Her practice is influenced by fractured narratives derived from reproducing a sense of place in past, present and future moments. Merging painting and photography, Agathe’s work combines her own memories with those of the viewer in blurred, ambiguous compositions.

Christofer Wallentin studied MA Sculpture at Royal College of Art. A multidisciplinary artist, his work revolves around the transformation of matter and it’s multilayered connections to variations of itself. In recent works he has directed his interest towards “The Desert”. With sand as a starting point, Wallentin has looked at the chemical element Silicon which is found in quartz, following it through several of its many permutations as desert sand, computer micro processor, mobile phone screen and special effects silicone.

Daniel Arcand studied MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College. His art practice is an attempt to align the notion of everyday existence, the erasure that is produced within various social relations, and the art spectacle, with a criticism that asks, “How do we configure a system or institution which allows for a notable aesthetics of picture making and an inclusionary development of the art space at the same moment?”

Jessy Jetpacks studied the Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at Royal Academy Schools. She works across multiple mediums including virtual reality, music and video. Jessy engages with her audience often evoking emotional responses with her use of dark humour. Her work has featured in various exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Art.

Nemo Nonnenmacher studied MA Photography at Royal College of Art. He is fascinated by virtual spaces in the realms of communication and exploration and uses this as a starting point for his artistic practice. Nemo proposes new politics of the image and its character for the politics of a digital space. The result is an analysis of the fetish and the self in this digital world of uncertainty.