Anise Gallery’s Summer Graduate Show 2018 presents new art perspectives explored through graduate work. Embracing its ethos for connecting spatial investigation with art, the gallery aims to push this dialogue further through fine art practices.

We are excited to present artists from Central Saint Martins, Slade School of Fine Art, Royal College of Art, Goldsmiths and Cambridge School of Art.

The artists engage in a shared dynamic dialogue, in which they investigate new forms of artistic response to the questions and challenges of an evolving present. Kimberley invites the audience to question the power dynamics and hierarchies behind the industrial landscape portrayed in her multi-screen installation. Lynda combines drawings and sculpture to reveal the expressive power of the line. Susie’s light installation hypnotises the viewer in a spinning circle, while Sophie transforms digital text into carefully crafted objects.

Kimberley Beach studied MA Fine Art at the Slade School of Fine Art. Using video, sound and installation, Kimberly investigates power dynamics and hierarchies through spoken narrative. She plays with the blurring of fiction and non-fiction to explore the complexities of social class hybridity. The often contradictory narratives of her films help draw attention to the manipulated construction of the other.

Lynda Beckett graduated in MA Photography at Central Saint Martins. Her work revolves around the investigation of free, unrestricted languages which can be interpreted freely by viewers. In her drawings she combines the movement generated by her hand with movements out of her control, specific to the situation in which she creates.

Sophie Neville studied BA in Fine Art at the Cambridge School of Art. Her practice combines embroidery, text-based art with contemporary socio-political and feminist subjects. Much of the text used in Sophie’s work is appropriated from news headlines and social media, addressing how digital culture affect the way we discuss and interact with feminist politics.

Susie Olczak is half way through her MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. Through sculpture, photography and installations she explores how we perceive geometry, light and materials whilst moving through urban spaces. Her work is inspired by the momentum of objects in movement, the illusion of dynamic, patterns and geometries. We have followed Susie’s work closely since first meeting her in 2013 and would recommend her as one to watch for next year!

Graduated from Goldsmiths MFA, Byungchan Kim’s work Paranoid Paradise highlights the polarised opinions of Japanese Knotweed between English and Korean culture. The man and woman portrayed in his work were found dead after the man believed Japanese Knotweed was invading not only his garden but his mind. In stark contrast, in Japanese culture, the root of the plant  is used for medicinal purposes. The work becomes a gift to the couple who so tragically misunderstood the plant and its benefits.

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