The Pecking Order

Pecking Order 02

Virtual Reality Stills produced by AVR London

“Where does theatre stop and reality begin?”

Following last year’s week-long participatory experience, In Limbo, artist Jacek Ludwig Scarso will be returning to Tate Exchange next week with a new project: The Pecking Order.

Throughout his career, Scarso has interrogated the boundaries between performance and life through a theatrical form of magical realism, with his most recent projects dramatising the mundane realities of contemporary bureaucracy and reimagining them as fantastical experiences that both enchant and encourage a critique of the every-day.

A provocative and interactive experience exploring the politics of space, The Pecking Order reflects the prevalence of surveillance technologies both on- and offline as bird-like characters hover over attendees, watching proceedings, bringing a vibrant surreality to the often hidden nature of surveillance infrastructures.

In 2018, Scarso previously worked in collaboration with AVR London and Anise Gallery to produce a VR experience alongside In Limbo‘s purgatorial waiting room and this year we have been working with him again to provide a VR experience for The Pecking Order that sees visitors take on the perspective of the avian watcher as opposed to a human watched.

Extending the experience outside of the physical space of the gallery, and using technology to critique technology, The Pecking Order‘s VR component provides a more immanent experience, exacerbating tensions between the natural and the digital.

Part of Tate Exchange, The Pecking Order runs from 10-15 December 2019 on the fifth floor of Tate Modern’s Blavatnik Building, produced by Jacek Ludwig Scarso and The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design.


Tuesday 10 December – Sunday 15 December

12pm – 6pm

Entry is free


Blavatnik Building Level 5


Jacek will be hosting a series of talks daily within the exhibition space on Level 5

AVR London and Anise Gallery will be participating in talks on Friday and Sunday at 4pm. We would love to see you there!