Exhibition Dates: 16 September – 17 October 2015

As part of Open House 2015, Anise Gallery presents the work of Agnese Sanvito and Alex Evans, two artists with diverse methods of representing the contemporary city, from photography to meticulously intricate hand illustration. It is this insatiable effort by both artists to identify and visually communicate an alternative angle of the city which unites them and places a coherent force behind presenting their work simultaneously.

The striking visual power of geometry is evident in both artists’ work and entices the viewer into a world without flat and comfortable spaces. Instead, there is an inherent focus on the dynamic, conveying futuristic perspectives and landscapes which, in the twenty-first century, refuse to stand still, making these documentations ever more valuable and a genuine archive material of the ‘now’. While cities such as London are generally viewed as vast yet dense, and thriving, ‘Urban Dialogues’ unveils the ultimate fragility and solitude of the city, viewed by those fully immersed within the urban system.

Using elaborate projects and unusual spaces as inspiration, Agnese Sanvito’s oeuvre is inspired by the movement of natural light incorporated in these spaces, in addition to geometric aesthetics. Having had her photographs circulated widely in art and design press, her work identifies voids in the city with a distinct and opportune lack of human presence whilst celebrating the visual magnificence of the architectural landscape.

Alex Evans uses twentieth-century architectural and urban planning theories to inform his illustrations. Contrasting and complementing these against ideas surrounding nature he creates intricate graphic illustrations based ultimately around the movement of the metropolis, conveying its inherent chaos. Driven by the potentiality of space and its progressive state, Alex’s work bridges the permanence of architecture and the fleeting nature of contemporary art, thus utilising the interdisciplinary future of both fields by highlighting mathematical space and biological forms.

This autumn, witness the urban conversation between two artists at Anise Gallery, and discover new works as they explore the ever-evolving essence of the city.