Virtual Playground

Free Interactive Exhibition for all the Family

A virtual playground for lovers of art and technology of all ages awaits you this April at Anise Gallery.

Anise Gallery held its first Virtual Reality exhibition in 2015 – transporting visitors into a virtual gallery whilst they sat amongst the real version. An early comparison of the real vs the unreal, and as the technology has advanced we have, alongside our sister company A-VR, continued to take our visitors on more immersive, more ‘goose bump’ inducing journeys.

This Spring we ask you to allow yourself to be transported back to the origins of gaming. Did the creator of the first videogame back in 1958 realise the potential for what he was starting? As we progress through the mediums time line, as new discoveries allow for more interaction, more realism we bring you the highlights – Pong, Zork, Asteroids, Super Mario Brothers, Doom, Quake amongst others.
Through the foresight and innovation of John Carmack, 2012 saw a turning point for the gaming industry as the first oculus headset was launched. Culminating in some of the latest interactive experiences, the evolution of virtual reality will be displayed in its various forms. From the light-hearted to the more serious applications, love it or hate it, it can’t be denied that VR is everywhere and we are only at the dawn of its emergence as a new medium. The possibilities are endless, the experience more powerful than any before – but will it last?

Who really knows – but right here right now it’s undeniably HERE, and we invite you and your children to come and play in our virtual playground this Easter.


  • Create your own masterpiece with google tilt brush
  • Design your own cardboard VR headset
  • Design a game character
  • Get your name on the high score list!

Opening Times:

Monday – Sunday 11am – 5pm
Closed Good Friday and Easter Sunday/Monday
Free Entry