We are very excited to be back exhibiting at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair this year. WCPF offers something unique in the world of art fairs, it is vibrant, accessible, friendly and has fantastic affordable art. We have loved being a part of its journey for the past 3 years and hope to continue for many years to come.

This year our stand has taken on a life of colour (which is very unusual for us!) with work from our good friend The D*Haus Company and recent graduate Katie Oplander. Alongside this we have brand new work from Minho Kwon which has not been exhibited before in the UK and two of our long time favourites from Ian Chamberlain.

If you would like a ticket please use the following link https://invite.artsvp.com/012fee

You can also view the work on display via Artsy here


As an architectural artwork gallery, Anise Gallery has always had strong themes that run through the art work that we exhibit, in style, subject, even colour normally… or lack thereof…

We also embrace, experiment and enjoy new technology and how it can enhance the experience of artwork.

We couldn’t help but wonder therefore, what would happen if you combined all the artwork from our stand into one… would it become an architectural artistic mess or would it be something rather unique and beautiful?

Throughout WCPF 2023 we will be attempting to create just that. Starting on Day 1 with a work each from The D*Haus Company and Ian Chamberlain, their work will be processed using AI and the resultant D*Haus / Chamberlain hybrid converted to a vector and printed live at the fair using an Axidraw robotic printer (the prints are for sale too, just ask!). On Day 2 we will take the hybrid work from Day 1 and add a work by Minho Kwon, and on Day 3 add a work by Katie Oplander. We anticipate 4-5 prints to be available each day and on Day 4 we will be reserving all prints produced for any under 16’s that would like to start their art collection with something a little different!