Anise Gallery to Host RIBAJ Eyeline Competition Retrospective

EyelineAVR logo FINAL



As studio neighbours AVR London partner with the RIBAJ on this year’s acclaimed RIBAJ Eyeline Competition, it is with great pleasure that we will be hosting a retrospective exhibition of past winners from the drawing competition.

Now in its fourth year, the competition showcases the communication of an idea or concept through drawing. It can be broad-brush, or worked through into the finest detail. It can be hand-drawn, computer-rendered, collaged, or any combination of techniques.

Call for entries will take place on 1 April 2016.

“I’m especially pleased to welcome AVR London the RIBAJ’s Eye Line partner this year. Architect-led, this is a company that is in the business of very high quality architectural visualisation. They work with big names and rising stars alike. Like us, they want to encourage, recognise and – through their Anise Gallery – display the best drawings by practitioners and students. I’m greatly looking forward to our partnership.”
Hugh Pearman
Editor, RIBAJ