Scarlet Mueller

Scarlet graduated from Masters in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art in 2015. Scarlet began her printmaking journey in Hamburg in 2007, the home to one of the most important figures of the woodcut in the 20th century, Host Janssen. Deeply fascinated by his work and the quality of his prints Scarlet’s interest in the materiality, the history and the contemporary approach of this particular medium formed the basis of her career. She now works from her studio in Zurich.

Her multi-­‐coloured woodcuts  reveal and conceal in equal measures describing an inside space, articulating an analogy between interiority and the self. Geometrical forms layer themselves up and create new space, architectural constructions encounter deliberate gesture, together they intend to build a new order and balance. Through the processes visible in the images, it is not the world that is revealed by these organising instruments; it is the curtain they raise between the world and our-­‐selves.

Using  a  Japanese printing barrel and a wooden spoon as her tools the hand-printed  technique  allows  Scarlet to delicately control  and  vary  the  pressure  on  certain areas of the print allowing her to produce different textures and densities within her work.

In a technique dependent world, these works also celebrate a belief in manual work and a confidence in the analogue. The woodcuts are not fast, they are slow and exacting, built one layer at a time, one element at a time, the result of decision and deliberation.