Virtual Reality

We have been very lucky to work alongside virtual reality specialists A-VR on several projects now. Our collaborations have always been aimed at pushing the boundaries of the medium, discovering new pathways for it to take and most importantly enhancing the visitor experience of the artwork they come to see during their visit to our gallery.

Below are a few examples of recent projects we have worked on together and their brilliant ‘aspirational’ 360 of our space in Shad Thames (unfortunately this is not a true representation!).

For more information on VR please visit their site or contact them directly at [email protected]

360 ‘The Aspirational 13a Shad Thames’

Datasutra by (ab)Normal | Artist VR Experience

29 November – 22 December 2018

In collaboration with (ab)normal and to run alongside their exhibition  Datasutra, A-VR curated a VR journey through two of the artworks on display. By taking the 3-dimensional nature of these images one step further, the VR experience allows the the audience to become part of the fantasy inside the pictures, transforming the passive gallery viewing experience into a sensory journey.

Scents of Shad Thames | VR Experience

2 – 29 June 2018

For the London Festival of Architecture 2018, with its chosen theme of ‘Identity’, we looked to the immediate neighbourhood. Alongside AVR London and A-VR we responded creatively through the media of virtual reality, photography and drawing, exploring how the identity of the architecture is shaped by its inhabitants and vice versa.

A virtual reality experience  introduced visitors to the 6 selected Shad Thames buildings : Wheat Wharf, Anchor Brewhouse, Anise Building, Cinnamon Wharf, Tea Trade Wharf and 28 Shad Thames (Former Design Museum). Through the headset, within the virtual world, these buildings emerged from an aerial map of SE1. Visitors were invited to investigate each building, resembling the size of a doll house within the virtual setting. In the gallery, as they spent time in front of each virtual re-incarnation, their senses were further stimulated as the smells associated with the historical life of the building floated up to meet them. As virtual reality has become renowned for taking over the senses of sight and sound, we took this one step further with the sense of smell…

Gallery in a Box | Artist VR Experience

17 – 21 January 2018

As part of our stand curation at the London Art Fair 2018, A-VR created a portfolio of exhibiting artists in virtual reality. Set within Anise Gallery’s aspirational gallery space the virtual catalogue offered an intimate, hyper-real viewing experience. “Hear the hum and see the flicker of Rachel Ara’s neon, traverse the layers of Ian Chamberlain’s etchings and be witness to Jacek Ludwig Scarso’s miniature figures coming to life – whatever memories you take from the experience we hope that they enhance your appreciation and understanding of the work on display.”

I Saw it Whole | A Virtual Deconstruction

17 September – 15 October 2015

In 2016, one of our early collaborations with A-VR (formelry part of AVR London) used the work of Scarlet Muller. Her woodcuts are detailed and intricately layered, from that we saw the opportunity to try to enter the work in virtual reality. To really see it from the inside out, to walk through the picture on your own journey and ultimately lose yourself within it. The first element of achieving this was the expansion of Scarlet’s two-dimensional work into the three-dimensional realm, before translating it into virtual reality. Given the historical value of the woodcutting process, transforming Scarlet’s work through virtual reality presents it afresh and showcases the real-time artists’ interpretation. All the while the authenticity and authorship of the work is preserved and celebrated.Virtual reality was becoming more commonplace in various industries, Anise Gallery were early adopters, exploring how this might function in the art gallery space.By incorporating virtual reality, we began to challenge the traditional binary of different media, in the hope of merging technological and fine art, while providing an exciting opportunity to get close to Scarlet Mueller’s intricate woodcut prints.